Custody Agreement South Africa

Well, what I thought and I need advice, I`m going to do what it takes to fill my son`s care, so he can go to school and stay with people who will have his best interests in his heart? In the case of child custody in South Africa, if the father obtains the child/child`s primary residence, the children will live in the father`s house and he will be primarily responsible for them. The father and mother can agree to visit the children, but they will live with their father. This is often the case when the children`s mothers are not considered fit to care for the children or when the father is better equipped to care for the children. Full custody would mean that you have as much custody rights as the other parent. Exclusive custody would mean that you are the only parent in custody. Hello. I`m thinking about separating from my husband. We have a 1 year old 3 months old. He`s threatening to bring me to justice if I go. If he got me tried for custody of our baby, I am unemployed and I cannot afford a lawyer.

Is it necessary for me to have a lawyer or can I defend myself? And it`s going to cost me something to go to court and defend myself? I do not have a source of income. And he`s threatening. I have this fee to let myself stay. Please let us know. my father son and I currently have an education plan that was drawn up by my father sons. We share the same custody and I pay for tuition, additional murals, extra school fees and half of the medical expenses. We both buy clothes, food, etc. when my son is with one of us.

I want to know, is it just that we share 50/50, but I pay more? He also put in the plan that he is a primary chaplain. No one saw it and it was not set up with a mediator. I moved out, and two weeks later, we made the plan and put it in place. He earns more money than I do, but he has a lot of debt. Any advice? Thank you My father My sons threaten me again and again and say that I left my son (we share the same custody) when we left home for two days without my son finding us a home, he thinks this child is abandoned, but I have seen him in my day and I continue to pay for his well-being. Six years after my marriage, I was raped by a known person. I did not report it because I was humiliated and embarrassed. After that, I found out I was pregnant. I thought about abortion, but I decided not to because I didn`t know if the rapist was the father or my husband.

I was harassed and threatened and extorted by the rapist. He`s unemployed for theft, drug addict and very unstable. Just to discover that he is the biological father who played no role in my child`s life. Threat to get custody of my child if I don`t give him money. I cannot tolerate that because he is unstable and an addict who resorts to threats and blackmail. After the birth of my child, I was attacked again by him, tried to escape, fell and had minor injuries to my hands and legs. On another occasion, he tried to steal my phone, which fell and broke. Until today, he asks me for money and threatens me with custody of the children. I can`t trust him with my child. The divorce contract is what you should follow if you can`t agree otherwise. If he is not satisfied with the divorce agreement, he should go to court and ask for it to be varied.

it should prove that it is in the best interests of the children. We are proud of our knowledge of family law and related issues relating to South African law. These include issues and issues related to child custody, divorce and child support. Feel free to browse the sections below through these questions and answers. If you can`t find an answer to a child care question you`re looking for, you can ask your custody question at the end of this article.