Njc National Agreement On Pay And Conditions Of Service

The national agreement on the remuneration and conditions of local government services. This agreement contains full and up-to-date details of the National Joint Council of Local Administrative Services (NJC). The Green Paper, known as the Single Agreement, covers the remuneration and conditions of 1.4 million local government employees, from architects to school catering staff, cleaning staff and lawyers. These agreements are also used to determine the remuneration and conditions of local authority staff. We are pleased to inform you that the “National Joint Municipal Services Council” National Agreement on Payment and Terms of Use, commonly known as the “Green Paper,” has now been updated by the existing 2018 version. Unite recommends rejecting the wage offer – Unite`s national committee met and decided to recommend to its members that the salary offer be declined. Public Health and Social Care Profiles 21Jun17 Find a circular, which contains an update of the NJC`s Lifetime Review (25.2.20 NJC Job Evaluation Scheme: New Model Role Profiles June 2017 NATIONAL AGREEMENT “GREEN BOOK”: UPDATED MARCH 2019 Today (17.2.11), LGS employers have informed local government unions that they would not be able, to make a salary offer for 2011/2012. Please read the flyer below and the paper options. UNISON – Details of the UNISON consultation have now been published online.

Please note that the UNISON NJC committee “has decided that it will not make a recommendation for members to accept or reject the salary offer.” northern.unison.org.uk/news/article/2020/06/njc-committee-put-pay-offer-members/ The NJC has established (19.2.19) the first tranche of working time guidelines for full-time workers, which is included in version 4.12 of the following updated national agreement (the “Green Paper”). Unite – The Unite consultation (with recommendation to reject) continues until mid-August, so it is unlikely that this year`s wage cycle will be concluded before the end of August at the earliest (provided the three unions are able to obtain a common position on whether or not the offer will be accepted). National Council of Municipal Services, Trade Union Party – Letter to MHCLG May 26, 2020 – to visit here.