Terago Master Service Agreement

The parties fulfill all obligations under this agreement as independent contractors, and nothing included in this agreement is considered to be the creation of an association, partnership, joint venture or relationship between the parties and the owner or the master and the demantois between the contracting parties or a subsidiary linked to this agreement. , or to give another party the right of power or power, whether explicit or implied, to create such an obligation or obligation on behalf of the other party. “content,” any information provided, posted or transmitted in connection with a service; “customer equipment,” any equipment, equipment and software placed by or for the customer in a roommate provided by TeraGo and excludes any TeraGo equipment; “force majeure event,” the meaning attributed to such a term in Section 12.1; “order order,” an order filed by the customer for services under this agreement, in appendix A form, which must be updated from time to time after the service is supplemented or modified; “Service interruption” occurred when a customer reports that they do not have access to services. The service interruption does not include (a) planned or emergency maintenance (as defined in the ALS), (b) interruptions resulting from customer actions or omissions, or (c) interruptions resulting from problems related to a force majeure event or other out-of-control and liability of TeraGo, including, but not limited to, problems related to the customer`s local network network (LAN). , customer equipment or outages caused by power outages, customer site problems, denial-of-service attacks or outages or problems outside the TeraGo network; “services,” the services TeraGo provides to the customer in accordance with the current order form; “SLA,” the level of service agreement that is part of the agreement; “TeraGo equipment,” any hardware, hardware and software provided by TeraGo, including any equipment or software included in the order form, as well as any other equipment used to provide services; and “user,” anyone the customer allows to access or use the services. To the extent that IPTP acts as an equipment reseller, IPTP will provide the counterparty with the same guarantees and support services that IPTP receives from its suppliers. Defective devices are repaired or replaced at the IPTP`s choice. 11.10 Fiix dealer. If you purchased your subscription to the service from a Fiix reseller, you are subject to the terms of the separate agreement between you and the Fiix reseller, provided that these conditions define and govern your rights to access and use the service. The terms of payment for your service subscriptions and professional services are as defined in the separate agreement between you and the Fiix reseller concerned. Fiix assumes no responsibility to you or others for software or services (except for professional services and services actually provided by Fiix) provided to you by a Fiix reseller.