Atlassian 3.0 End User License Agreement

A royalty paid by the licensee to Balsamiq for a version license, as indicated by the product, in return for the authorized use of the product. The fee shall be paid with the acceptance of the conditions set out in this Agreement. The fee is non-refundable after 60 days from the date the payment was received by Balsamiq. 7.3 The licensee may only be set off liable by claims which have not been contested by the licensor or which have been the subject of a final finding. Except in the area of Article 354 bis of the HGB Code, the licensee may only assign to third parties the rights deriving from this SEA with the prior written consent of the licensor. The licensee has a right of retention or an objection to non-performance of the contract exclusively within the framework of this ITA. 19. Export Restrictions. You also confirm that you are not a prohibited person or that you are in possession of a prohibited person, controlled by a prohibited person or acting on behalf of a prohibited person. They agree not to use or provide the Software for prohibited end-uses without prior authorization from the United States Government, including to support the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, biological or missile weapons. Answer: We can confirm that there is no other agreement or document (with the exception of this EUA).

2.4. End User Liability. Our cloud products have different onboarding flows for users. For some cloud products, users must be defined by administrators. Some allow users to sign up for individual accounts that can later be linked to teams or organizations.