Biodiesel Tolling Agreement

Ennovor focuses on turning waste oils into sustainable biodiesel and is well positioned to help Member States meet the EU`s renewable energy targets. Waste oils and residues are becoming an increasingly important part of the European biodiesel blend due to their significantly greater GHG savings than traditional plant raw materials. Founded in 2010, we were to quickly become one of Europe`s leading producers of biofuels. Our current production capacity exceeds 100,000 MT per year and makes us one of the largest biofuel processors in the UK. Our goal is to become one of the largest producers of sustainable biodiesel in the world and we are striving to increase our global capacity to 400,000 MT by mid-2015. Learn more about Biodiesel is a renewable and clean diesel substitute, which reduces the U.S.`s reliance on foreign oil, creates jobs and improves the environment.