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This small kit has been designed to make it more efficient to create your quiz, crossword or puzzle questions. It should make it easier for others to discover your question and the easier it is to find it, the more likely it is that someone will answer it! Remember that you don`t need to use the title generator – just enter the title and question as usual and click Submit! The answer to 17D should be “ellipse” rather than “ellipses”? The latter is a geometric term. To create an easy-to-find question title, simply select the paper and quiz, enter the quiz number, and fill in the publication date. Once you are satisfied, click on “Create titles” and the information should fill in the title field. Enter the last required details of your question as usual and click Submit. As this is a beta, we have only listed a limited number of documents and quiz questions. If you think your favorite quiz, crossword puzzles or puzzles should be listed here, feel free to contact us. You are right. It`s ELLIPSIS, anaf of spies all.

The Def is the three-point series. Perhaps, if there are two sets of three points, we can say ellipses, in the crisis/crisis analogy. . Nice puzzle! According to 17d with definition in full view, but cunning hidden. The Cockney Reim-Slang iin 14 A. 18A can only appear in crossword puzzles. Today, Gridman`s online TH version puzzle….