Ca Rental Agreement Spanish

The owner must operate in a business or store. It is difficult to understand what the legislator had in mind with this language. Renting rentals is clearly a business, even if the owner is a little old lady who only rents a spare cabin in the back. It probably implies that the owners entered the store on more of this fortuitous and random basis. The little old lady is probably excluded, but the reader of these chronicles would be well advised to comply with them, especially since respect is not difficult or expensive. After the translation from Spanish and the execution of the lease, the Landlord Protection Agency translated the LPA lease for Spanish-speaking tenants. In some countries, the landlord is required to provide non-English speaking tenants with a copy of the lease in their own language. The Spanish-speaking, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean tenant negotiated the lease through his own interpreter; and the tenant`s interpreter is able to speak fluently and read with full understanding of English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean (depending on what was used in the trial); and the interpreter is not a minor (under 18 years of age); and the interpreter is not employed or made available by or by the owner. If a lessor who has to provide a written translation of a rental agreement or a rental agreement in one of these languages does not do so, the tenant may terminate the contract (cancel). As far as possible, this lease must be read and explained personally to the tenant. We think that`s how it`s more effective. Finally, it is a user manual on how you can be your tenant in your rented property. The burden of ensuring that the translation is correct lies with the owner.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible for checking the Spanish translation for a fee, but the owner cannot publish the fact that the ministry has verified the translation and the legislator has made consumer affairs as irresponsible as all other agencies in case of error. Since the objective is to be able to say that a disinterested person of impeccable objectivity and references has verified the document, the lessor would probably be better off using the services of a bilingual law student to do the work. Priests and officials are also excellent resources. If the owner negotiates in Spanish, he is probably acting in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Priests and officials are highly and widely trained men, capable of writing precisely such work, and if they are sent to this neighborhood, they are undoubtedly bilingual. The writer once had the opportunity to have a legal plea translated into Tagalog.